We made the front page of Geekologie! Yikes.

21 04 2010

So yeah,  it’s a good day.  Welcome Geekologists. Watch where you step.
A bunch of new ones, some terrifying enough to make you run for some bleach to inject into your memory centers to get rid of them, some cute. Lets start off easy:

loverz gonna get sum

from Orangeblossom19


I don't bite hahaha

From Moose_Malloy


Witness the true evil of image macros, and despair

from the sick sick mind of Schroeder


yeah, he bought it

from qffff, who's running a parallel blog to this one to get the ROFLspiders word out


the alt-text takes tiem, you noes

from BebopZaibatsu


just like Walt

from Rain_of_Frogs


it's THE nice spider

from SteveoC


how it was meant to be

Quagmar, stop being so full of awesome

now I eat you

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14 responses

21 04 2010

If someone EVER makes Second page, THAT would be osom xD… but it is a blog, everything is for a while frontpage xD

22 04 2010


21 04 2010

Glad to be here and i will.

22 04 2010


22 04 2010
Brandt Cooley

That’s why geekologie exists, to show us awesome.

22 04 2010

Yea Geekologie FTW

22 04 2010

Hey guys! Where are we.. oh snap, I stepped on something… do I hear the ground shaking?… oh no, they look ANGRY, RUUUUN!!!

22 04 2010

I stepsed on sumfin crunchy O.O

22 04 2010

nightmares 😦

22 04 2010

spiders are awesome ty for brining them to the public 😀

22 04 2010

I saw this on Geekologie, vaery nice!

22 04 2010

hi. from THE reddit.

22 04 2010

This is awesome, bookmarked.

~A geekologie browser

22 04 2010
a geek

*pants suspiciously*

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