ROFLSpiders: because what the internet really needs is another pointless and trite image macro/demotivational website.

This website is a retort to those other terrible and uncreative image macro sites out there, and was created by people who generally loathe macros, and wanted to vent by making more macros. Mmmm, yummy irony. But if you’re just here because you like spiders, that’s cool too.

The vast majority of images, as well as the basic idea behind the site, are from a thread that mocks macro sites in the Pointless Waste of Time forum (now part of cracked.com). Thanks to all involved for letting this blog share your demented genius. The shame will pass.

Also, we can all thank/blame Daniel B, better known as VoodooTissue in PWoT, for this abomination; it was his offhanded remark in the forum that got the ball rolling.


9 responses

21 04 2010
silly goose

much better than the usual lolcat type of thing. it’s favorited along with cthulol 😀
srsly though, dont stop

22 04 2010

I was referred to this site by a friend who knows I love spiders! I think the whole joke behind this site is very innovative and someone had to do it! Thumbs up guys!!!

23 04 2010

oh my god is this stupid.

me likez it

25 04 2010

This site is amazing. Please keep up the awesome work and posts!

26 04 2010

Out of all the macro sites I’ve ever seen only a minority of the cheezburger network and this site keep me coming back for more. Although I think these spiders are actually cute, so I think the original purpose of this site is lost to me.

27 04 2010

How do I submit my spider-scheiss?

27 04 2010

Fire us an email through the Submissions link.

5 08 2010

love the site!
we will link you.

3 07 2011

I wuv disss

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